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Business Line of Credit

There are times when business owners need to access funding on-demand - business line of credit. It is a flexible financing option that can help businesses manage cash flow and cover unexpected expenses.


We know you don't like surprises when it comes to business financing. That’s why we offer streamlined cash flow solutions to give you the financial boost you deserve. That means, easy, flexible, and hassle-free loans to get you ahead.


Minimum eligibility criteria

At Funding Link, we have simplified and streamlined the application process so that any business owner can be eligible for a business line of credit:


✔️ Active Australian Business Number (ABN)

✔️ 12 months minimum trading time

✔️ Credit score information

✔️ Bank and financial statements

✔️ Personal and business tax returns

✔️ Business plan or prospectus

Where to use it?

There are a few common reasons why businesses might apply for a line of credit:


1. Inventory Purchases: Purchase new materials or supplies or invest in new technologies or innovations.

2. Accounts Receivable: Cover accounts receivable to better manage cash flow.

3. Operating Expenses: Keep up with day-to-day operating expenses such as rent, payroll, and utilities.

4. Sustain Business: Steer through seasonal fluctuations between quiet months and busy seasons.

5. Credit Score: Build business credit when credit rating or earnings history is not enough for a traditional loan.



Even if your business may not need a large injection of cash, you might find some things are financially out of reach from time to time. Having access to a business line of credit can come in handy when you might look for convenient, flexible capital on demand.


1. Cash on Demand: Get approval within 24 hours with loans of up to $250,000.

2. Improves Cash Flow: A business line of credit can help businesses manage cash flow by providing access to funds when needed.

3. Flexibility: Business lines of credit allows businesses to borrow funds on an as-needed basis.

4. Lower Interest: Only pay interest on the amount drawn down. No minimum draw-down amount.

Need quick cash on demand?

Need a flexible financing option to manage cash flow or cover unexpected expenses? Contact Funding Link now to learn more about other funding options suited to your needs. 

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