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Equipment and Asset Finance

Looking to acquire new tools and machinery for your business but need the funds to pay upfront?

It can be tricky when you need the money to buy new equipment but you also need the equipment to generate cash flow. Good thing, there is a financing option that won't affect the cash flow - equipment and asset finance.


Minimum eligibility criteria

At Funding Link, we have simplified and streamlined the application process so that any business owner can be eligible for equipment and asset finance:


✔️ Active Australian Business Number (ABN)

✔️ 12 months minimum trading time

✔️ Equipment quote that the loan is intended to fund

✔️ Bank statements for the business

✔️ Balance sheet and profit-loss statements

✔️ Personal and business tax returns

✔️ Good credit score


Financing your business

This financing option offers a wide range of options that will suit your business needs.


✔️ Heavy vehicles (i.e. prime movers, cement mixers, construction cranes, etc.)

✔️ Specialised equipment and machinery (i.e. automated assembly line, 3D printers, robotic arms, advanced drone technology, etc.)

✔️ Business premises upgrade (data centre, commercial lighting, HVAC, etc.)



Even if your businesses can get by with what you already have, sometimes getting extra financing opens up new opportunities and possibilities.


✔️ Increase capacity to grow your business

✔️ Replace outdated systems with new technologies

✔️ Boost efficiency and productivity by cutting costs and resource requirements

✔️ Become more competitive by offering services competitors can't provide

✔️ Preserve cash flow for used key business expenses (payroll, rent, and other bills)

✔️ Provide significant tax benefits including deductions for interest and depreciation


If you're interested in getting new equipment or assets to grow your business, we can help you find the right finance option to suit your specific needs. Unsure of whether to lease or buy, we can help explain your options in detail so you make the best decision for your business.


Need funds for new equipment?

Don't let financial stress hold you back. Apply now for a customized funding solution that fits your needs. Talk to Funding Link now.

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